Societas Sacerdotalis
Christi Regis

The Priestly Society of Christ the King


The Priestly Society of Christ the King is committed to the total restoration of the traditional way of Catholic life:  the Family and Religious Life are two essential components of that return to all things Catholic.

      The Society of Christ the King is looking for young men of the highest moral character who

are interested in the Priestly Life. The Society has a formation programme that lasts

approximately seven years (certain previous education and seminary experience will be taken into consideration). Candidates must be at least eighteen years of age, of the highest moral qualities

and free from any financial and familiar obligations. Candidates must submit a request in writing (which includes a Letter of Recommendation from a traditional Catholic Priest) to the

Superior General: : His Excellency, Monsignor Thomas JF Sebastian, sscr,

16826 Saticoy Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406.

The Christus Rex House of Priestly Formation is currently located in Southern

California and all candidates are expected to live there during their formation

(no exceptions). Further information will be sent to interested individuals.


The Religious Life

     For those men interested in the Religious life there are several options: the

LITTLE BROTHERS OF CHRIST THE KING are being established to assist the

Priest of the Society in their parochial duties. Men who have graduated from High School and are interested in a life of sacrifice, sanctification and fidelity to the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church should contact the Society for further information.

      Those candidates accepted will come to Southern California and begin a six month

Postulancy, followed by a year Novitiate. After that time they may take simple vows and

begin working in the Apostolate; all Brothers will continue their formation and education, both

religious and practical, depending upon the needs of the Community. The Brothers will

eventually assist the Church by teaching catechism, assisting with certain parochial

administration, and working with the poor and others in need. As time progresses the

Brothers will be called into even more service for the Church.

     Candidates should be at least 18 years old, in good health and have at least an average

intelligence. Candidates should also be free to live a Religious Life, i.e.: not married, free from

financial debt and have the highest moral standards. All candidates must be able to pass

a background check which will be conducted by law enforcement.

     If you are interested in this most holy and worth while way of life, you should write to:

His Excellency, Monsignor Thomas JF Sebastian, sscr, 16826 Saticoy Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406. Once we have enough men seriously interested, you will be contacted with when and where to report for Religious Formation.

     Those seeking a different life of joy will find life with either the Franciscan Brothers

of the Annunciation of Mary (Traditional Franciscans located in Wooster, Ohio)

or the Benedictines of Christ the King (traditional Benedictine Monastics in Arlington, TX) can provide a proper and thoroughly Catholic Religious formation.